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A St Marys (Icon)


Sheila came to the Territory in 1943 and lived in Alice Springs before moving to Darwin in 1946 where she married Gilbert and raised six children Thomas, Bridgid, Theresa, Xavier (Snr), John and Damien


At first she followed Buffaloes (now known as Darwin). But when St Marys were formed in 1952 to allow full blood aborigines to play she was so discusted with the treatment of them by other clubs that she began following St Marys from day one


Since then St Marys had played 884 games up to the end of round 13 2001/02 season and in that time had only missed watching her beloved Saints at league level once which was round 13 in season 1999/00 when some mongrel burnt her house to the ground.


Sheila had the pleasure to see all of St Marys 25 League Premierships and continued to watch her beloved Saints up to the end of season 2005/06 which in that time St Marys had played 972 games


Sheila served many years on the ladies committees and was treasurer in 1968/69 and 1969/70


Her son Xavier (Snr) played in the 1971/72, 1977/78 and 1978/79 winning premierships and went on to play 167 league games for his beloved Saints. John also played in Saints 1977/78 premiership with his brother and from what I can establish played 48 first grade games before injury took its toll.


When asked who her best footballer (other than her son) she has seen play for St Marys she nominated Benny Vigona * and for an opposition club she nominated Tommy Burunjuk who played for Wanderers in the late 1940’s early 50’s and is a life member of Wanderers


Sheila is a St Marys icon and at the young age of 89 was still coming to the football to watch her beloved Saints play


Sadly Sheila passed away on the 04/05/2006 two weeks before her 90th birthday She will be sadly missed by all football patrons


"She was a Saint but now is an Angel"


Sheila is a financial and honorary life member of St Marys


* Benny Vigona played 75 games and kicked 132 goals with St Marys (He was a premiership player in 1977/78) before carving out a career with South Fremantle where he played 165 games and kicked 201 goals between 1977 - 1986 (He was a premiership player in 1980). He also represented W.A. on 4 occasions.

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