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Some interesting Stats.

Interesting Facts


By Rex Nixon


Some interesting statistics that St. Marys have gathered over the years are:

St Marys were admitted to the NTFL on the 22/09/1952


Whist the achievements of all our past presidents (W. Graham 1952/53, G.J. Ryall 1953/54 -1954/55, J. Kilmartin 1955/56, J.Harney 1957/58, W. Ivinson 1958/59 - 1959/60, Tom Strickland 1960/61 - 1961/62, Adrian Moscheni 2004/05 - 2008/09, Greg Connors 2009/10, Shaun Hardy 2010/11 - 2012/13, Ian McMurtrie 2013/14 - 2014/15 and Steven Ludwig 2015/16 to Current.


One president Vic Ludwig OAM. deserves a special mention along with his late wife Sadie, for his 42 (forty two) consecutive seasons from 1963/64 - 2003/04 season. In that time St. Marys only missed playing in the grand final nine times.


During Vic’s time as President St Marys played 792 League games for 574 Wins 212 Losses and 6 Draws a 72.23% winning ratio


As far as I know Vic is the Australian record holder as president in any kind of administration, be it sports or any other organisation. The longest record I have been able to find was held by the Victorian amateur football associations L.A.”Dicky” Adamson from 1896 - 1932 a total of 37 years.


Jack Sweeney was St Mary’s first coach. He coached St Marys in seasons 1952/53 and 1953/54. Jack played one first grade game with East Perth on 7/05/1934.


John Taylor (J. K.) has created a record in Australian rules, as in 13 consecutive seasons he coached St Marys to eleven premierships and once runner up (1992/93).


He coached them till the end of the 1995/96 season for 252 games winning 228 games and loosing only 23 games plus 1 draw at a strike rate of 90.87%. (A Don Bradman average)


On one glorious Saturday of the 31st march 1979 in the 1978/79 season, the Gods smiled and the Heavens rained premierships and St Marys created a record when the club won all five premierships in the League, the Reserves, the Senior Colts, the Junior Colts and the Under 14’s all on the same day.


The results were as follows:

Under 14’s      St Marys  3 - 12 (30)               defeated Nightcliff     3 - 3 (21)

Colts                St Marys 14 - 13 (97)              defeated Nightcliff     5 - 1 (31)

S. Colts           St Marys 15 - 13(103)             defeated Nightcliff     8 - 4 (52)

Reserves          St Marys  7 - 9 (51)                 def. North Darwin      7 - 8 (50)

League                        St Marys 17 - 15(117)             defeated Nightcliff     13 -8 (68)


(At full time in the Reserves the scoreboard showed that the scores were tied until the goal umpires confirmed the correct score)

Five other seasons that were very rewarding were in 1984/85, 1985/86 and 2007/08 when Saints won five out of seven premierships and 1987/88 and 1994/95 when Saints won 4 out of five premierships they fielded team.


Since St Marys started they have kicked 17,484 goals and 15,063 points for a combined total of 119,967 and have had kicked against them 11,281 goals and 11,256 points for a combined total of 78,942  a winning margin of approximately 34.91 points per game to the end of Season 2015/16. St Marys have kicked a century of points or more in 537 of their 1175 games to date


Did you know that Roy Farmer kicked the point at the 14 minute mark of the 3rd qtr in the game St Marys Vs Wanderers on the 24th February 2007 to bring up Saints 100,000th point since they started in 1952?


The first goal at the 6 minute mark kicked in the last quarter by Ross Tungatalum of the round 5 match St Marys Vs Southern Districts on the 8/11/2008 became St Marys 15,000 goal


St Marys are the first team to defeat the Tiwi Bombers on the Tiwi Islands. Saints have played 4 won 4.


Another record St. Marys must have is they have only missed the finals twice since they were formed in 1952/53. They finished fifth in 1979/80 and 2000/01 (Disaster)


Season 2006/07 started disastrously when in Rd 1 and 2 of the 2006/07 season St Marys lost their points and score for playing Victor Dunn who was suspended from last round of the reserves in 2005/06. Final scores were Rd 1 Tiwi Islands 14 - 25 (109) D St Marys 11 - 9 (75) Rd 2 St Marys 14 - 10 (94) D Nightcliff 8 - 18 (66)


This is not the first time St Marys have lost their points the first time was in round 17 on the 02/02/1980 of the 1979/80 season when it was found that Ray Buckley was an unregistered player. The scores from that game were St Marys 17 - 19 (121) D Wanderers 6 - 18 (54) and the second time was in round 4 on the 01/11/1997 in the 1997/98 season that it was found Tommy Weetra had not been cleared back to Saints after his stint down south. The scores from that game were St Marys 19 - 7 (121) D Darwin 16 - 14 (110)


Up to the end of season 2015/16 St Marys have only had 10 draws, 6 one point wins, 12 one point losses and lost by 100 pts or more only 4 times the highest being Saints 118 point loss to North Darwin in round 6 of the 1980/81 season. Saints have won by 100 points or more on 133 occasions with Saints handing out a 274 point thrashing to Southern Districts in round 9 of season 1987/88 being the highest in Saints 1175 games played to date.


Note: John Taylor coached St Marys from 1983/84 to 1995/96 and was involved in 68 of the 133 100 point thrashings.


In St Marys first 27 years they played 448 games in which they won 286 and lost 153 and had 9 draws for a winning ratio of 65.84 but when they drew on the 30/11/2014 it was just over 35 years later between St Marys 9th draw and 10th draw. In that time St Marys played 693 games from when they drew on the 18/11/1979 against Waratahs at 12-13 (85) a piece at the Showground to when they drew against Palmerston at Northline Oval with the scores all tied up after Luke Stapleton tied it up at 14-11 (95) each. In that time Saints had 542 wins and 151 losses a winning ratio of 77.21 in that time. The winning ratio is nearly 8 games out of every 10 that St Marys played they won.


St Marys played their 1000th NTFL game on Friday 30th November 2007 against the Tiwi Islands the team they were originally formed for. Tiwi Bombers 16 - 14(110) D St Marys 9 - 11 (65)


Ironically St Marys played their 900th NTFL Home and Away game on Saturday 15th November 2008 also against Tiwi Bombers St Marys 17 - 16 (118) D Tiwi Islands 13 - 14 (92)

St Marys 750th NTFL win came against Darwin in Rd 12 on the 19/12/2009


When St Marys 6 - 5 (41) D Sthn Districts 4 - 12 (35) in Rd 13 on 12/01/2008 in season 2007/08 it became their lowest winning score ever beating their 6 - 11 (47) against Darwin 4 - 13 (37)  in Rd 12 on 22/01/1955 in season 1954/55 (53 years).


If St Marys happen to play Waratahs in round 11 there is a good chance St Marys will win as Waratahs have not beaten St Marys in this round in the 64 seasons since St Marys first commenced. The same goes for rounds 12 and 13 but only 63 seasons have these rounds been included in an NTFL fixture. If we play Wanderers in round 15 the same applies as they have not beaten St Mary’s in the 63 season that have been fixtured into an NTFL season


St Marys best round is round 13.There have been 63 seasons of fixtured games in this round for St Marys and Saints have a 49 to 6 win/loss ratio with 8 Byes


John Taylor never had a draw in his coaching time at Saints. (252 games)


St Marys have contested the Grand Final 48 times in 63 seasons. Incidentally it is 51 years ago in 2015/16 that Nightcliff won their last NTFL Premiership (1964/65). St Marys have won 26 Premierships in that time.


St Marys have played in 61 of the 63 finals campaigns completed since they were formed in 1952 (missing only season 1979/80 and 2000/01) 1974/75 season was disbanded by the NTFL due to Cyclone Tracy after round 11.


St Marys hold the Australian record for the most consecutive wins in a major senior competition. They had won fifty five games in a row from round 19 on the 26 February 1994 until beaten by Waratahs in the Second Semi final on the 1st March 1997, counting only matches for premiership points and finals. This beats North Melbourne’s 49 wins in a row in the V.F.A. incidentally North Melbourne was also beaten in the 1919 Second Semi final.


They also had another magnificent run of wins in a row when they won 42 straight from Rd 2 13/10/2012 to Rd 5 01/11/2014 before loosing to Nightcliff by 7 points.


2011/12 was a disaster by St Mary’s standards in that St Marys did not have one male team compete in a Grand final for the first time since 1964/65. Back then there were only 3 grades (League Reserves and Colts)


The St Marys Juniors haven’t been too bad either. In the Junior Colts (U/16's)  St Marys had a winning run of sixty (60) games from 9th October 1976 - 15th December 1979 when they were beaten by Darwin by 3 points.


In an incredible scoreline St Marys in their U/18’s Elimination Final in 2011/12 kicked 16 - 0 (96) to beat Southern Districts 9 - 7 (61). Only to find a clerical error in playing a player that hadn’t qualified (He had only played 2 instead of 3 games required each season at that time) and the elimination final was awarded to Sthn Districts. Note: both teams had 16 shots at goal.


In an U/12 game on the 9/11/2012 Adam Kerinauia for St Marys kicked 17 goals in St Marys

40 - 17 (257) thrashing of Darwin 0 - 2 (2) remembering they only play 15 minute qtrs with no time on an incredible feat.

The Qtr x Qtr scores in that game were:

St Marys 12-5(77) 21-12(138) 31-17(203) 40-17(257)

Darwin     0-0 (0)    0-0 (0)         0-0 (0)       0-2(2)


Up to the end of season 2015/16 St Marys have beaten Wanderers in 90 out of their last 108 games between the two clubs. (Incidentally three of Wanderers 18 wins were Grand Finals when St Marys were raging favourites to win)


St Marys have completed the treble on 6 occasions (i.e. the Premiership, The Nichols Medal and Leading Goal Kicker). It has been done in the following years 1955/56, 1966/67, 1977/78, 1984/85, 1985/86 and 2013/14


St. Marys have produced 24 Nichol medallists. The N.T.F.L. league’s best and fairest they are:


1954/55           Bill Roe BEM (British Empire Medal)

1955/56           Neil Davies

1958/59           Terry Lew Fatt - tied with Joe Bonson (Works/Housing/Nightcliff)

1964/65           Gympie Lew Fatt

1966/67           Leon Gregory

1969/70           John Pepperill

1971/72           Pat Murphy tied with Keith Nickels (Waratahs)

1972/73           Pat Murphy tied with Joe Darby (Nightcliff)

1973/74           Michael Graham

1977/78           Bill Bennett tied with Mark Motlop (Nightcliff) and Ian Wallace (North Darwin)

1984/85           Steve Thompson

1985/86           Damien Christensen

1988/89           Willie Rioli

1990/91           Michael Athanasiou

1992/93           Noel Long

1995/96           Cyril Rioli Jnr (Tie)

1995/96           Marty Christensen (Tie)

1998/99           Tommy Weetra tied with Adrian Collard (Sthn. Districts)

2004/05           Jarred Ilett

2005/06           Heath Culpitt

2007/08           Jared Ilett tied with Warren Berto (Nightcliff)

2008/09           Ignatious Vallejo

2013/14           Peter MacFarlane

2014/15           Cameron Ilett


Since joining the competition in 1952/53 St Marys has become the most successful club in winning premierships in the NTFL. St Marys have won:

31 League Premierships

  5 Ladies League Premiership (Began 2004/05)

  2 Youth Girls Premiership (Began 2011/12)

15 Reserve Grade Div 1 Premierships (Began in 1953/54)

  0 Reserve Grade Div 2 Premierships (Began 2010/11)

19 Senior Colts

42 Junior Colts

Senior Colts breakdown over the years (total 19)

  0 Colts (began in 1956/57 and disbanded in 1976/77) (Runner up 8 times)

  3 Senior Colts Premierships (began in 1976/77 and disbanded 1978/79)

  6 U/19’s (began in 1978/79 and disbanded 1985/86)

  10 U/18’s (began in 1987/88)

Junior Colts breakdown over the years (total 39)

  3 Junior Colts (began in 1976/77 and disbanded in 1978/79)

  5 U/17’s (began in 1981/82 and disbanded in 1986/87)

11 U/16’s Div 1(began in 1979/80 and disbanded in 1980/81 then recommenced again in 1987/88)

  1 U/16’s Div 2 (began 2010/11)

  2 U/15’s (began in 1981/82 and disbanded in 1986/87 then recommenced again in 2005/06)

12 U/14’s Div 1 (began in 1978/79 and disbanded in 1980/81 then recommenced again in 1987/88)

  1 U/14’s Div 2 (began in 2002/03 disbanded in 2005/06 recommenced in 2010/11)

  0 U/14’s Div 3 (began 2010/11 now U/12’s)

  5 U/13’s (began in 1983/84 and disbanded in 1986/87 then recommenced again in 2005/06).

  2 U/12’s Atkinson (began 2012/13)

  0 U/12’s Atkinson 2 (began 2012/13)

  2 Youth Girls (began 2011/12)

A combined total of 114 Premierships in all grades (Wall to Wall Flags)


Note: St Marys 100th Flag was the NTFL 2009/10 A Grade Premiership


In their 31 Premierships St Marys have used 302 players, 3 Captain/Coaches or players and 9 Coaches (Combined total 311).

The Breakdown is as follows

The Crème de la Crème (The best of the best)

12 Premierships 2 Players (Mick Athanasiou and Cyril Rioli (Jnr) Father of Junior Boy)

11 Premierships 1 Player (Noel Long brother of Michael) 1 Coach (John Taylor)

10 Premierships 2 Players (Dennis Dunn and Ted Liddy)

9 Premierships   1 Players (Iggy Vallejo)

8 Premierships   3 Players (Brian Long, Brian Stanislaus, John Anstess)

7 Premierships   7 Players (Damien Berto, Terry Lew Fatt (4 as a player and 3 as Captain/Coach), John Long, Shane Ponter, Billy Roe BEM, Karl Lohde and Peter MacFarlane)

6 Premierships   9 Players (Damien Hale (3 as a player and 3 as a Coach), Edmund Johnson, Patrick Long, Aaron Perry, Darin Weetra, Tommy Weetra, Daniel Flesfadar, Karl Lohde, Peter MacFarlane)

5 Premierships   12 Players (Cadji Dunn, Kim Hill, Wayne McLennan, Rod McPhee, Gordon Roe, Robert Tipungwuti, Anthony Vallejo, Luke Stapleton, Jarred Ilett, Cameron Ilett, Henry Labastida and Shannon Rioli)

Mere Mortals

4 Premierships   15 Players

3 Premierships   29 Players

2 Premierships   56 Players/2 Coaches

1 Premiership   168 Players /8 Coaches/2 Captain Coaches


In their other 17 Grand Final teams St Marys have used 202 players, 8 Captain/Coaches or players and 8 Coaches (combined total 218)

Breakdown is as follows

7 Grand Finals: 1 Player David Kantilla (Snr) lost 6 as a player and 1 as Captain Coach,

6 Grand Final 4 Players William Roe, Ted Liddy lost 4 as a player and 2 as Coach, Jack Long, and Henry Paul

5 Grand Finals 7 Players Mick Athanasiou, Walter Keriniaua, Terry LewFatt lost 4 as a

 player and 1 as Captain/Coach, Clifford LewFatt, Gerry Roe, Hyacinth Tungutalung and

 Ignatius Vallejo

4 Grand Finals 7 Players Colin Boustead, Jared Ilett, Edmund Johnson, Jock McLennan

 John Pepperill, Cyril Rioli (Jnr) and Rick Nolan lost 3 as a player and 1 as a coach

3 Grand Finals 17 Players/Don Muller Lost 2 as a player 1 as Captain Coach

2 Grand Finals 33 Players/1 Captain Coach/3 Coaches

1 Grand Final 149 Players/4 Captain Coaches/4 Coaches


Note: although the players that lost multi premiership play off’s they also tasted success except for Henry Paul, but I believe  Henry Paul also played under the name of Henry Kerinaiua who played in two Premierships 1961/62 and 1965/66


St Marys 41 Player Life members and 5 Honary Life members have won 247 premierships between them.


Note: If you end up becoming a player life member at St Marys you will probably play in five league premierships on average.


Incredibly 13 players from the 1990/91 premiership side played 150 or more games to qualify for St Marys player life membership.


St Marys have won at least one Premiership since 1976/77 every year except for seasons 1992/93, 2011/12 and 2014/15. Season 2011/12 was the first time since 1964/65 they didn’t have a male team in any grade in the grand final. There was only League, Reserves and Colts back then. The junior grades started in 1976/77



In the NT Pioneers in the CAFL have won the same amount of premierships as St Marys 31 each Pioneers (commenced in 1947) and St Marys (commenced in 1952) but since St Marys started they lead the race in the NT with 31 - 27 ironically both teams wear Green and Gold.


Michael Athanasiou former St. Marys and N.T.F.L. games record holder of 314 to the end of the 1998/99 season. His record to the end of the 2000/01 season and last in first grade now stands at 328 since transferring to Darwin as Captain /Coach for 1999/00 season


Iggy Vallejo 324 has now passed Michael on 314 games as the leading games record holder at St Mary’s  when he played against Wanderers on the 9/01/2016 but still needs 5 more games to overtake the club NTFL most games played record


Michael holds the record for the most senior premierships along with Cyril Rioli (Jnr) with twelve first grade premiership medals.


Michael also holds the record of most number of Grand Finals 17 followed by Cyril Rioli Jnr on 16 and Ted Liddy on 14. There are 16 players and one coach (John Taylor) who have played in 10 or more Grand Finals


Michael also holds the N.T.F.L. for representative games. He has played in 21, has been captain in 5 and Co - Captain in one. He was also a member of the gold medal team at the Arafura games in 1995. He was made a member of the Back to Back cyclone team (1974 - 1994) and Captain of the Northern Territory team of the Century


Noel Long has played in eleven winning premierships.

Dennis Dunn and Ted Liddy have played in ten.


St Marys player Gympie Lew Fatt is the only player to win a Nichols medal (first grade) 1964/65, a Mitch Lee medal (reserve grade) 1977/78, 1979/80, 1983/84 and an Abala medal (under 18’s) 1960/61.


St. Marys have thirteen known members of the elite 200 club to the end of the end of Season 2015/16


324      Ignatious Vallejo*

314      Michael Athanasiou

272      Ted Liddy

263      Cyril Rioli

258      Brian Stanislaus

226      Anthony Vallejo

216      Noel Long

210      Luke Stapleton

206      Brian Long

206      John Anstess*

204      Dennis Dunn

202            Peter March **

200      Shane Ponter


Due to work restrictions and unable to train regularly Mark West became the first NTFL player to play 200 reserve grade games on the 28/01/2006 and has been awarded Life Membership of St Marys for his dedication. His games total stands at 248


When the St Marys Football Club was formed in 1952 under the guidance of Ted Egan AO and the Reverend Father Aubrey Collins, Benny Cubillo at the tender age of 14 whilst still attending St Marys Catholic School in Darwin became possibly the youngest ever known player to play first grade Australian Rules football in the Northern Territory at 14 years and 120 days old. (There were no other grades prior to the 1953/54 season when the Reserves were formed).


Ben played in St Mary’s inaugural team on Saturday 25/10/1952 with his brother John which was coached by Mr Jack Sweeny a former league player from Western Australia and was captained by Ted Egan.


**This was found in the records while I have been researching St Marys history the date of the article was the N.T.F.L. Football Insight Vol 10 No 16 Dated the 30th January 1982. The N.T.F.L. does not recognise Peter as playing 200 games due to some of his playing records being lost through cyclone Tracy, but during my research I came across the following article in that Football Insight:


Player profile


Peter March (St Marys)

“1st played league in 1971/72 under Coach Tony Shaw in Saints 8th premiership year.


Played 73 league games pre - cyclone Tracey and has tallied 126 matches since 1974 to total 199 games.

Member 1971/72, 1977/78 and 1978/79 premiership teams under coaches Tony Shaw, Ray Buckley and Aldo Rosetto. He also played in the loosing Grand finals of 1972/73 and 1976/77.


Captain of St Marys in 1980/81 and represented the N.T. in Melbourne in 1979. Has also represented the N.T.F.L. against Alice Springs twice.


Peter is a product of St Mary’s colts playing from the mid 60’s until going to Adelaide to complete his schooling. His 199 games include 19 final matches of which Saints have won 11 with Peter in the team. Other coaches he has played league under include Pat Murphy, Bob Butcher, Jack Long, Bob Elix (N.T.) and Ian Smith (N.T.F.L.)

Congratulations from all footy followers to Peter for achieving the 200 game target in his 11th year of senior football.”


The N.T.F.L. only recognises Peter having played 132 games, they consist of 129 games with St Marys and 3 games with Darwin due to cyclone Tracy, I wrote to Peter and received from him copy of his life membership certificate and an article written in the NT News on Peter being recognised as having played 200 games.


The following past players have been awarded life membership of the N.T.F.L. but due to Cyclone Tracy it is unclear as to exactly how many games they have played:


Edmond Johnston 240 games*** (estimated) see Edmund’s Profile

Terry Lew Fatt 200+ games (estimated) see Terry’s Profile

Jack Long 200+ games (estimated) see The History of the Long Family and Jack’s Profile

Peter March 200+ (see players 200 games above)


Players that play 200 or more games in the N.T.F.L. first grade are made automatic life members of the N.T.F.L.


For players at St Marys it is 150 first grade games for life membership of the club.


The following St. Marys players have played 100 known plus games:

173      Tommy Weetra

172      Patrick Long

167      Xavier Clarke (Snr) **#

166      Peter MacFarlane*

165      Aaron Perry

161      Damien Berto

156      Jarred Ilett

155      Karl Lohde*

153      John Long

131      Daniel Flesfader

128      Shannon Rioli*

127      John Lidgerwood

125      Rick Nolan

122      Alberto Cubillo#

115      Wayne McLennan

115      Adrian Moscheni

112      Henry Labastida*

109      Cameron Ilett*

109            Shaun Hardy

108      Ryan Smith*

108      Rod McPhee

107      Dylan Hale

107      Stuart Sceney#

107      Steven Long

100      Danny Nolan

  99      Aiden Hill*

  96      Justin Wilson* coming up 2016/17

  89      Jack Long* coming up 2016/17

  85      Justin Cooper* coming up 2016/17

  84      Josh Heath* coming up 2016/17





 Note: Games with St Marys only


 # Deceased

  * Still playing to end of season 2015/16

** In a halo in 1982 were listed game tallies up to and including round 18 of that year and were from AGM minutes and N.T.F.L. records. However the N.T.F.L. recognises Xavier as having only played 115 Games.


St Marys have won the N.T.F.L. club championship (over all best club) in the following years: 1960/61, 1965/66, 1971/72, 1975/76, 1976/77, 1977/78, 1978/79, 1981/82, 1984/85 - 1998/89 a total of fifteen consecutive seasons. (NTFL record), 2002/03, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2012/13



St. Marys N.T.F.L. Season leading goal kickers

39        Joe Saturninus Kantilla           1953/54

67        Joe Saturninus Kantilla           1955/56

33        Terry Lew Fatt                        1961/62

29        Gympie Lew Fatt                    1964/65

42        Bill Roe                                   1965/66

51        Gerry Roe                               1966/67

78        Gerry Roe                               1969/70

74        Gerry Roe                               1972/73

50        Peter Burgoyne (Snr)              1977/78

50        Jules Kerinaiua (equal)

79        Dennis Dunn                           1984/85

128      Dennis Dunn                           1985/86

75        Dennis Dunn                           1986/87

110      Dennis Dunn                           1987/88

66        Gabby Weetra                         1991/92

74        Allen Corrie                            1992/93

70        Brian Stanislaus                      1993/94

70        Brian Stanislaus                      1994/95

60        Brian Stanislaus                      1997/98

63        Danny Nolan                           1999/00

72        Justin   Van Unen                    2013/14

62        Darren Ewing                          2014/15


St Marys Career Century plus Goal kickers:

817 - Dennis DUNN

776 - Brian STANISLAUS

336 - Danny NOLAN

298 - Peter MacFARLANE*

259 - Chris LONG

239 - Gerry ROE

226 - Steven LONG

191 - Allan CORRIE

188 - Tony VIGONA

174 - Michael GRAHAM

174 - Noel LONG

173 - Iggy VALLEJO*

168 - Joe Saturninus KANTILLA

163 - Gabby WEETRA

161 - John LONG

150 - Benny VIGONA

148 - Darren EWING*


139 - Willie RIOLI

139 - Peter BURGOYNE (Snr)

139 - Victor DUNN

137 - Wayne McLENNAN

134 - Cameron ILETT*

124 - Adam KERINAIUA

124 - Cyril RIOLI

124 - Justin COOPER*

123 - Cadji DUNN

119 - Anthony VALLEJO

118 - Shannon RIOLI*

108 - Daniel FLESFADAR

101 - Aaron PERRY

  98 - Justin WILSON coming up


*Still playing


Note: Goals with St Marys only


 (Up to the end of season 2015/16)


Note: Both Dennis and Brian hold the number 2 and 3 spots on the all time NTFL goalkicking list since 1975/76 to the present day. Darren Ewing has overtaken Dennis with his NT Thunder records in 2015. Records before this were lost in cyclone Tracy


Dennis Dunn’s record;


204 games 817 goals with St Marys

  12 games 41 goals in representative games

Total 216 games 858 goals at an average of 3.97

(In the 1995 Arafura Gold Medal game he didn’t kick a goal and kicked 5 goals in the 1994 Aboriginal All Stars game. These two games are not counted as rep games as they were not organised by the NTFL)





Darren Ewing’s record:


136 games 599 goals with NT Thunder

  51 games 203 goals with Palmerston

    3 games     1 goal Foxtel Cup

  37 games 148 goals with St Marys

Total 227 games 951 goals at an average of 4.18 end of season 2015/16


12 or more goals kicked in a first grade match by a St. Marys player is as follows:


1984/85           20 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Waratahs                       

1966/67           16 Gerry Roe                          Vs Wanderers

2002/03           16 Danny Nolan                      Vs Wanderers

1985/86           15 Dennis Dunn                      Vs North Darwin

1994/95           15 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Magpies

1969/70           14 Gerry Roe                          Vs Wanderers

1988/89           14 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Waratahs                     

1990/91           14 Dennis Dunn                      Vs North Darwin

2001/02           14 Danny Nolan                      Vs Wanderers

2003/04           14 Danny Nolan                      Vs Southern Districts             

1972/73           13 Gerry Roe                          Vs North Darwin              

1988/89           13 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Southern Districts  

1992/93           13 Allen Corrie                       Vs Nightcliff   

1993/94           13 Brian Stanislaus                 Vs North Darwin

1995/96           13 Brian Stanislaus                 Vs North Darwin            

1972/73           12 Gerry Roe                          Vs North Darwin              

1985/86           12 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Darwin                              

1987/88           12 Dennis Dunn                      Vs North Darwin               

1988/89           12 Dennis Dunn                      Vs Wanderers                     

1990/91           12 Chris Long                         Vs North Darwin

2013/14           12 Justin Van Unen                Vs Darwin


Up to end of season 2015/16


Dennis Dunn kicked 10 or more goals in a match on 18 occasions and he kicked 7 or more goals in a match on 46 occasions.


Note: the 20 goals kicked by Dennis Dunn is not an N.T.F.L. record for a match. The record is 24 held by Norm Hagen of Darwin Vs North Darwin kicked in 1972/73 season.


The Australian record in first grade is 28 held by Bill Wood of South Sydney kicked in 1943 Vs Sydney


In the V.F.L. /A.F.L. the record is 18 held by Fred Fanning of Melbourne in 1947 Vs St Kilda

Note: most goals kicked in an N.T.F.L. grand final is 11 by Chris Long (St. Marys) in 1989/90 St. Marys Vs Darwin



Whist I try to be as accurate as I can if there are any mistakes please don’t feel offended in pointing them out to me as I will only be too pleased to check it out for you. The NTFL are the official historians and what they say is what we have to go by


I often get asked what the meaning of St Marys Latin: recte ad metam means it is: “Aim for the middle.”                                                                     


V.F.L. /A.F.L.: populi ludus populi means: “the game of the people for the people” (I often wonder now)

Adelaide: Natus Ad Magna Gerenda; “Born to great things”

Carlton: mens sana in corpore sano: “A sound mind in a healthy body”.

Collingwood: Floreat Pica: “May the Magpies prosper”

Essendon: Suaviter in Modo Fortiter in Re:Gently in manner, resolutely in execution”

Hawthorn: Spectemur Agendo: Let us be judged by our acts”.

North Melbourne: Victoria amat curam:” Victory favours those who take pains”.

Port Adelaide: No latin translation: "We are Port Adelaide"

St Kilda: Fortius Quo Fidelius: “Strength through loyalty”

Western Bulldogs: Cede Nullis: “Yield to None”



Believe it or not.


Campbells Creek I believe entered the Guinness Book of Records on 23rd June 1990 when they defeated Primrose 100-34-634 to 3-0-18
The highest ever score by any senior football team.


The highest score I can confirm in senior football is North Cairns 73 - 36 (474) d Mareeba

2 - 1 (13) in 1983 in a letter to me from the Cairns Football League dated 25th Feb. 1999


Not senior football, but Williamstown 3rds (VFA) kicked 110.27 (687) vs Geelong West at Williamstown on 23/7/1983. Quarter by quarter scores were:

Williamstown 15.9 44.17 76.20 110.27 (687)
Geelong West 1.0    1.0       2.0     2.0     (12)


Geelong West also had the following kicked against them:

Preston Thirds 74.31 - 475 d. Geelong West 1.1 - 7

Brunswick 77.44 - 506 d. Geelong West 0.0.0 (3 weeks later)

Geelong West Under-19s in 1981 - In order the defeats were: 275 points, 344, 238, 468, 161, 147, 506, 258, 141, 201, 183, 174, 159, 282, 251, 216 and 190.

Surprisingly the side actually won one game to blemish an amazing record beating Caulfield by 10 points on 26 July. Caulfield had won by 161 points at the previous meeting. Geelong West ended the season with 4525 points kicked against 454 for and a percentage of 10.

It beat this in 1987 by having 5530 points scored against and 541 for with a percentage of 9.7.

From 1983 to 1987 Geelong West also had scores of 88.23 (551) and 92.30 (582) recorded against it.


The highest score in junior football I have on record is Brentwood community YC U/14’s 84 - 44 (543) Vic. In 1980


Brunswick U/19’s 77 - 44 (506) Vs Geelong west 0 - 0 (0) in 1981


Under 14s - 17/6/1967

Noble Park 69.15 (429)
Dandenong South 0.0 (0)

Note: Doug Ensor scored 60 goals and 8 behinds in four 15 minute quarters and 8 minutes of time on. He scored 40 goals the next week and got dropped


Doug Ensor is a name etched in Noble Park's footy folklore. In 1967 as a 14 year old Doug Ensor had a full forward's day of days – he kicked a mercurial 60.8

Doug Ensor who now lives with his wife at Coronet Bay kicked more than 350 goals in three junior seasons including 208 in the year he booted the 60.


S. Cooke Williamstown 3rds Vs Geelong West kicked 46 goals on 23/7/1983

Ron Edwards Lake Tyers Vs Nowa Nowa in 1950 kicked 43 goals 6 behinds.


Tony Sinclair Brentwood community YC U/14’s Victoria in 1980 kicked 42 goals 17 behinds.        



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